Virtual Smart Cabinet

Do you manually issue devices to and from users every shift?

Do you actually record who has which device?

Are these records accurate, robust enough and easily accessible to support missing device or usage enquiries?  

Do your users have any real accountability for the specific mobile device they are using on any given day?

Waizu virtual smart cabinet (VSC) provides an extremely robust system to capture all of this data whilst saving you thousands of pounds by slashing the cost of issuing out and receipting back shared mobile devices.

VSC enables you to containerise any type of location and automate the issue and receipt back of devices within it.

This could be a standard charging cabinet, a secure caged area, a lockable room, a table, a shelf or a generic zone such as goods-in or despatch.

This is the first step in reducing the number of missing/lost devices - by providing them with a ‘home’ we can now define what a missing device actually means. Waizu VSC understands which user has which specific device and even whether that device is in an idle state. If a device is idle for a defined period of time or has no user assigned to it but is NOT in its home, Waizu VSC can sound an alarm on the device to alert people in the vicinity to pick it up and place it back in its home or alternatively by using the device again by logging back in to it.

The best way to understand what Virtual Smart Cabinet can do for you is to book a demo using the link below and at the end you’ll also be able to see what your specific Return on Investment will be!

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