Virtual Smart Cabinet

Revolutionise Your Device Management

Are you tired of the manual process of issuing and tracking devices every shift?

Are your records accurate, robust, and easily accessible to support missing device or usage enquiries?

Does your annual device audit reveal unpleasant surprises on how many handheld mobile computers have been misplaced during the year?

Do you need to turn your existing multi-device storage system into a smart, intelligent cabinet solution?

Say goodbye to inaccurate records and inaccessible data. With Waizu’s Virtual Smart Cabinet, you can easily capture and access comprehensive information on your handheld mobile computers, ensuring robust accountability and streamlined device usage tracking.

No more lost devices and wasted resources! Virtual Smart Cabinet slashes costs by automating the issuance and receipt process of shared mobile devices. Save thousands of pounds while maintaining a highly efficient system.

Virtual Smart Cabinet is an enables you to containerise any type of location and automate the issue and receipt back of devices within it
A smart, intelligent cabinet solution which enables you to containerise any location and automate device management

Turn Any Location into a Smart Cabinet

With Waizu’s Virtual Smart Cabinet you can containerise any location and automate device management within it. Whether it's a charging cabinet, a secure area, a room, a shelf, or a designated zone, Waizu’s Virtual Smart Cabinet empowers you to take control.

Give your handheld mobile computers a home and eliminate the confusion of missing equipment. Virtual Smart Cabinet intelligently assigns specific handhelds to users, detects idle devices, and sounds alarms when devices are misplaced. Regain your handheld mobile computers and your peace of mind knowing you can always locate and retrieve your devices.

Virtual Smart Cabinet manages and integrates multiple workflows seamlessly

Integration of Workflows

Virtual Smart Cabinet integrates multiple workflows seamlessly. Unlike traditional smart device lockers that don't track device location when outside the locker, Virtual Smart Cabinet addresses the challenges of allocating, tracking, and finding lost devices. By encompassing these three critical aspects, the system provides a comprehensive and effective solution for managing your estate of handheld computers.

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Gain Valuable Insights into Device Location and Optimise Resource Allocation

Monitor device health effortlessly with Virtual Smart Cabinet’s intuitive traffic light system. Instantly identify operational devices, so you can proactively address any issues before they impact productivity.

Put an end to dropped devices going unnoticed. Virtual Smart Cabinet alerts you to potential drops, allowing you to conduct checks and prevent disruptions at the end of each shift.

Monitor device health with Virtual Smart Cabinet’s intuitive traffic light system

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