Device Insights

We understand that it is normally the operations team that own the budget to purchase, then pay for, the maintenance of their rugged mobile estate which they are dependent upon for operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Our dashboard based user interface is designed specifically so it can be used by the operations team. Operations Directors, Operations Managers, Warehouse Managers, DC Managers and Logistics site managers can quickly and easily look at the key factors in managing and controlling their devices in order to get the very best return on their device investment.

The key factor data within Waizu Analytics includes;

  • Basic device health, good to go or not?
  • Device batteries not lasting a full shift, do they need replacing?
  • Devices not charging correctly, do they need to go in to the repair loop?
  • Devices that have been dropped, are they damaged?
  • No. of devices in the repair loop, what’s the trend? Time to replace the estate or have you got a misuse problem?
  • No. of devices active, do you have enough?
  • No. of devices not being used, have you got too many?

The dashboard presents this in such a way that you can make wise decisions about how your device estate is performing, how it’s being utilised and whether you have a misuse problem with individual sites, teams or people. The system can be set to alert the right people to act upon these insights quickly and reduce the operational impact of any issues, or make operational improvements fast.

Waizu Device Insights adds user friendly screens that provide the ability to:

  • Monitor mobile devices in real-time
  • Use Waizu AI to monitor devices at risk of failing
  • See device users
  • See device locations
  • Device battery Health reporting (depending on OEM)
  • Real-time automatic monitoring and alerting of issues that might affect mobile device users
  • Understand standard asset attributes such as OS versions

Waizu Device Insights has it’s own real-time mobile device asset register (which can include Zebra mobile and desktop/industrial printers) that utilises our easy to use screens.

Waizu Device insights provides the backbone to the Waizu solution portfolio

It is software independent of any Mobile Device Management (MDM) and works with all the leading providers of MDM such as SOTI, Intune and VMWare.

Given organisations lose between 6% and 15% of their mobile device estate per annum, and operational overhead per single shift user of issuing out and receiving back shared devices in a typical organisation represents at least 50% of the typical device cost every single year, can you afford not to take a look at Waizu?

The best way to understand what Waizu Device Insights can do for you is to book a demo using the link below and at the end you’ll also be able to see what your specific Return on Investment will be!

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