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Are you impacted by workflow downtime because rugged mobile devices have gone missing?

Do you spend hours of time every week trying to locate missing Zebra devices or other mobile computers?

Do you consistently spend considerable amounts of money replacing lost rugged mobile devices?

Do you wish that your mobile assets could notify you if they were potentially lost so they could be quickly found?

Then Device Finder is for you

Device Finder automatically alerts you when a mobile device has been misplaced or is inactive and therefore potentially missing, sounding an audible alert to help you to pinpoint its exact location. You can also use Device Finder via an Android tablet or Android mobile phone to identify the last known location of the mobile device and to trigger an audible alert, helping you to locate it quickly.

Locate missing devices easily with Waizu's rugged mobile device finder
Rugged mobile devices alert you when they go missing

Get notified when a device is lost

It’s a fact. Businesses that rely on handheld mobile devices lose them. Regardless of whether they are rugged mobile computers, HHTs or wearables from companies such as Zebra, Honeywell or Datalogic, devices go missing daily. The time and financial impact of lost devices can be considerable. Our customers tell us that lost rugged devices cost them in the region of tens of thousands to millions of pounds per annum resulting from the impact in productivity from time searching, worker downtime and device replacement costs.

Devices alert you when they are missing

One challenge is knowing devices are missing in the first place, especially if you have hundreds in one location. Imagine a situation where a mobile device was misplaced and it wasn’t immediately obvious that it was missing. With Device Finder, devices are set to alert you when they are inactive for a defined period, such as 1 hour or more. This means that devices are effectively notifying you the moment they are lost, enabling you to proactively find, retrieve and redeploy them instantly.

Locate missing mobile devices with the Device Finder mobile app

Locate mobile devices with the Device Finder mobile app

Should you ever need to locate a missing device via Waizu then you can activate the Device Finder mobile application which will indicate where the device was last used. Walk to that location and activate the on-screen button to contact the device by ringing it.

This key feature has enabled customers to find missing rugged devices in the middle of stacked pallets, behind boxes, down the back of stocked shelves, on top of palletisers and even in the back of a lorry which was being loaded.

Calculate my potential ROI with Device Finder

Companies typically lose between 6% to 15% of their mobile device estate every year and incur high labour costs re-issuing devices that get misplaced during shifts.

There is a better way!

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Calculate your ROI with Device Finder

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