Typical retail store operations lose between 10% and 15% of their rugged mobile device estate every single year.

The replacement device cost alone in a 5000-device estate is between £200K and £400K per annum, and as most estates cycle every 5 years that’s between £1M and £2M over that period of time – and we haven’t even dialled in the operational and management costs associated with managing that process, nor the time spent trying to locate missing Zebra devices or other rugged retail devices such as Honeywell and Datalogic.

There is another hidden cost of using shared devices that is even more frightening, the cost of issuing these out and tracking their return every single time they are used in a 7-day week retail operation. This cost starts with a retail colleague trying to find a spare device, then understanding if it’s in working condition, logging in to it when they think it’s working and then logging out (if they remember) and then putting it back somewhere so it can be charged fully (unless another colleague picks it up in the meantime of course and walks away with an under charged device).

Our typical payback period is 14 to 20 weeks and Waizu starts delivering real savings the moment you switch our solution on.

Recently, one high street retailer defined their Waizu solution as ‘process cost critical’ on the basis of its impact on reduced downtime within just ten days of implementation in their distribution centre.

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