Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to run Waizu?

Waizu requires an Android agent to be installed on your mobile devices. It is usually pushed out to devices via your mobile device management software (MDM). All this can be done remotely to minimise device downtime. Don't worry if you don't have an MDM as our team can provide this too.
To configure Waizu with indoor locations and access management we work closely with you to configure Waizu so you get the best possible work flows to prevent missing devices, provide automated device check in/out and make users accountable for how they treat these mission critical shared mobile devices.

The web interface runs on a wide range of devices. We recommend to use an up-to-date operating system and browser on a Desktop PC or Laptop. The Waizu Platform works best on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, however other browsers are supported. A high speed internet connection is recommended to access Waizu to ensure you have the best experience with the product

How do you prevent devices from going missing?

Firstly users need to log into the mobile device using the Waizu home screen, this provides visibility for you on which user has which specific device at any point in time. This alone gives great user accountability for how a device is used to help reduce damage and abuse.
Waizu can be configured to make the device alarm and to alert you if a device is left idle for a period of time. This proactive approach can highlight missing devices before you even know they are missing.
Finally in our dashboard (either a tablet app or a web UI) we highlight devices not returned. It is colour coded so very easy to see devices not returned at an end of a shift. Simply press the locate button and Waizu shows the location (indoors or outdoors) where the device is and can make it alarm.

How secure is the data on Waizu?

We take security very seriously at Waizu, We have therefore built the platform with various features that protect your organisation and its data.

Access to the Waizu platform is password protected. Passwords are autogenerated by our system to ensure they are secure, with the ability to enable 2-Factor Authentication on any level of account.

In the Platform itself, we have built a structure which segregates data in a variety of ways. Each customer has a separate system where data is containerised from other customer data to prevent having your information exposed.

We have an inactivity countdown on the platform, This means that if a user is logged in and leaves the Waizu platform open while performing other tasks the site will automatically logout after a set time has passed.

How do you help with device uptime?

Waizu has on-screen indicators for battery health and device health.
Based on our algorithm we monitor device damage, use and performance and highlight on screen devices 'at risk'. It is therefore easy to identify devices that may be next to fail or those needing to be refreshed.

Our Battery indicator measures cycle counts on all Zebra devices. This on-screen indicator will highlight the specific battery in a device that will not last a full shift due to its age and repeated charges.