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Save time and money with wiser device management

As leading experts in IOT device management, we know that different audiences across your business need different tools to know exactly what is going in with your estate of edge devices.

IT teams need industry leading software to enable them to deploy, secure and manage large estates of edge devices.

Operations teams with shared devices across retail stores, warehouses or across the supply chain need visibility on who has which device, how it is being used and more importantly that it is returned at the end of a shift.

Our platform helps provide this by combining industry leading MDM software with the award winning Waizu software all together.
Now you can reduce lost devices, prevent issues before they happen and ensure all the key parts of your business have the best tools and experience.

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Operations and Service Delivery teams need tools to help monitor, predict and prevent mobile device issues that would otherwise cause productivity issues. Use our Virtual Cabinet solution to speed up the issuing of shared devices and make sure none ever go missing.

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Device Management

Our expertise lets us recommend the best MDM solution for your business or connect your existing MDM into the Waizu platform so both IT and Ops have one place to go.

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Service Management

All the detail you need directly within the platform in order to issue a repair ticket at the touch of a button. Access common faults, ticket data and reporting at any time.

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Waizu Communicator broadcasts content, messages and other information to individual devices, groups or full estates of devices simply and effectively.

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