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Reduce idle labour hours & recover missing rugged devices

According to leading research from mobile device manufacturer Zebra Technologies, organisations lose between 12% and 15% of their mobile device estate per annum.

Additionally, the operational overhead per single shift in issuing out and receiving back shared devices in a typical organisation represents at least 50% of the typical device cost every single year.

Waizu is the Japanese for ‘Wise’ and that is exactly what you will be if you adopt the Waizu solution and take greater control of your mobile devices.

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Waizu will put significant money back on your bottom line.

The typical payback of our solution is between 14 and 20 working weeks…. that’s the impact Waizu can have on your business. Waizu solves many costly productivity blockers:

Losing devices - operations typically lose 10% to 15% of their devices annually.

Check in/out waiting times - any time spent issuing and receiving devices is time wasted.

Devices charging in one location - wait and walk times increase when devices are not close to where work is performed.

Batteries failing during shifts - every battery swapped costs up to 15minutes of operational time.

Frustrated teams - poor performing devices frustrate userswho blame the technology.

Managers without control - Site and Operations Managers don’t have the tools themselves and therefore raise IT tickets.

So wise up with Waizu - book a demo using the link below and see what your specific Return on Investment will be!

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Waizu Solutions

How Waizu helps our customers

Greencore Food Group

Greencore Group plc is a leading manufacturer of convenience foods. They are proud to supply a wide range of chilled, frozen and ambient foods to some of the most successful retail and food service customers in the UK

Across 12 regional hubs Greencore needed a better system for checking devices in and out on each shift. They also needed help managing their bar code label usage. Devices are used applications such as ePOD and WMS and therefore critical to the operation.

The Waizu software solution now provides a tool for operations to have easy access to device and printer status and provide tools for day-to-day management.

We had so many manual processes when it came to managing our shared rugged devices and printers. Now everything is in one place with the Waizu solution."

Greencore Business Partner
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Clipper Logistics

In the relentless world of multichannel retail, Clipper  are the retail logistics experts – combining the best of bricks and clicks to drive business forward.

In many Clipper distribution sites missing devices were an everyday occurrence. So much so at the start of each shift they had to manually sign out every shared handheld terminal (HHT). This amounted to thousands of hours across the 24 hr site every year.

The Waizu solution enables Clipper to take advantage of ‘Device Finder’ so if ever a missing device occurs they can use the Waizu solution to immediately locate it in their busy DC.

The best comment I can make is we have been using the Waizu system for over 18 months and during that time we have not lost one HHT!”

Clipper Process Improvement Manager
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Seko Logistics

Seko are masters in all thing's logistics, with a primary focus on ecommerce and specialist delivery solutions - ensuring customer service excellence, time after time.

Seko had invested heavily in Zebra rugged mobile devices and needed a day-to-day solution in managing these devices and stopping them from both going missing and getting physically damaged.

Investing in the Waizu solution Seko now have user accountability every day knowing who has which device. This significantly reduced device damage as well as prevented devices from going missing.

Waizu is a great tool for an operations team to stay on top of shared devices in a distribution center. We have saved money in reducing lost and missing devices as well as reduce daily damages

SEKO Global Logistics Director
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