Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Typical T&L operations lose between 8% and 14% of their rugged mobile device estate every single year.

The replacement device cost alone in a 1000-device estate is between £48K and £84K per annum, and as most estates cycle every 5 years that’s between £240K and £420K over that period of time – this does not include the operational and management costs associated with managing that process which in a fast-moving T&L environment is considerable.

A recent Gartner report indicated that every minute of device downtime can impact the wider supply chain by £300. In terms of your own costs, missing/lost devices have a direct impact as it means a user cannot execute their workflow efficiently and increases the probability of human error. The other hugely impactful element is the cost of non-productive labour due to waiting for a device to be checked, made ready and issued at the beginning of a shift and the reverse process at the end of a shift.

Waizu Device Finder and Waizu Device Insights combine to create a solution that can dramatically reduce these operational costs and add significant sums back in to your operational budget. Our solution resolves these issues by dramatically speeding up the issue and receipt back of rugged mobile devices, and reducing the number of lost/missing devices by quickly identifying those that are in a potentially lost state and providing tools that can enable a very quick recovery.

Finally, Waizu provides real time battery health indicators to help workers pick up a 'healthy' device, and other tools to ensure faulty batteries are identified and replaced when needed, and that healthy ones are not replaced based upon battery age alone. Find out more here

Our typical T&L customer payback period is between 13 & 18 weeks - Waizu starts delivering real savings the moment you switch our solution on!

The best way to understand what Waizu can do for you is to book a demo using the link below and at the end of the demo you’ll also be able to see what your specific Return on Investment will be!

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