Mobile device-based solutions have become a critical part of patient care and wider healthcare operations. If there is a shortage of mobile devices or devices have problems then there is a direct impact on treatments for patients, on staff workflows and in regard to the various track and trace systems required.

Hospitals and medical centres also need to manage and control assets, data, medical inventories and ensure UDI compliance.

Put simply, today healthcare organisations rely heavily on mobile devices and therefore device management and device battery management is mission critical.

Understanding device utilisation is key to budget restricted hospitals

e.g. have you got enough devices across all your departments? Have you got too many? Have you got too many in one department and not enough in another?

Are batteries lasting a full shift? In the case of shared devices, how does a clinician know they have picked up a healthy device?

All these challenges can be addressed by using the Waizu platform - the solution can dramatically increase healthcare professional efficiency by ensuring you know exactly where all your devices are, what state they are in, who is using (and has used) them, can alert you when a device looks like it is lost/missing and supports you in finding that device quickly. Delinquent devices can be identified and removed from the estate proactively, to be returned once back in good state.

By monitoring device utlilisation, Waizu allows healthcare managers to manage device numbers across departments (where practicable) to ensure excess devices are not sat idle.

Finally, Waizu provides real time battery health indicators to help clinicians in picking up a 'healthy' device, plus other tools to ensure faulty batteries are identified and replaced when needed, and that healthy ones are not replaced based upon battery age alone.

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