Barcode Printer Manager

Use WAIZU Barcode Print Manager (BPM) to maximise the efficiency of your Zebra printers by alerting of printer issues in real-time, anticipating print head failures, understanding over/under used printers and monitoring your actual label usage by printer/group/sites so you shouldn't run out of labels again.

Ideally for Managed Print Service providers or end users with in-house print management resources, Waizu BPM provides operational print management of your Zebra fixed and mobile printer estate.

Waizu BPM dashboards feature;

  • Printer asset register inc. serial number, firmware version, network, speed and label type
  • Real-time printer status by site
  • Operational status and issues/alerts e.g. paper out, ribbon out, cutter jammed, print head faulty
  • Label usage – average daily usage, use by day, re-order alerts
  • Over/under printer utilisation
  • Alerts – label end of roll, ribbon and print head end of life
  • Mobile printer battery status

Note: use of Waizu BPM requires purchase of a Zebra API licence and Waizu Device Insights

If you’d like to know more about cutting operational costs associated with consumables wastage or shortages and keeping your Zebra barcode printers running then use our contact form and we’ll get back to you today!

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