In the complex world of logistics, efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness are paramount. With technological advancements, wearable devices and Bluetooth printers have become integral to warehouse and distribution centre operations. From ring scanners that expedite order processing to light weight wearable computers that drive productivity and order accuracy to the next level. However, how can we stop these essential devices and peripherals going missing? Now Waizu has an industry first solution.

Finding Devices Before They're Permanently Missing

As we highlighted in a previous blog, missing handheld computers rank among the top productivity killers in warehouses and distribution centres. When you consider the additional challenge of locating missing ring scanners, wearable computers and mobile printers, the problem escalates into a major productivity pitfall. The loss of these devices doesn't just create a minor inconvenience; it can bring operations to a grinding halt. Workers, and often managers too, must divert their attention from core tasks to embark on time-consuming searches for the missing equipment. This isn't just a momentary distraction; it equates to several hours of lost productivity each week. Not to mention the considerable cost of replacing the missing devices.

One of the major hurdles in tracking down missing devices and their Bluetooth peripherals is recognising that they are gone in the first place! Many companies only become aware of these losses during a quarterly or annual audit. Enter Waizu Device Finder, a solution that delivers proactive monitoring. Not only will Device Finder alert you if the handheld computer is inactive for a defined period, but it can also be used to create alerts if a Bluetooth device may be missing too!

Last Known Location

But how do you know where to look for your potentially missing wearable or peripheral?

That's where the Waizu Device Finder mobile application comes into play. This app provides the last-known location of the wearable computer or the handheld computer that last talked to its Bluetooth peripheral, guiding you where to look.

Device Finder empowers organisations to locate their missing wearables in seemingly impossible locations - from the middle of stacked pallets and behind hidden boxes to down the back of stocked shelves. It's a practical, time-saving solution that turns the frustrating game of hide and seek with your ring scanners into a quick and successful search.

Tracking Your Way Back to Productivity

The implications of missing wearable scanners can be both costly and time-consuming. Here's where implementing a tracking solution can be a game-changer for logistics management.

Cost Savings - Wearable scanners and Bluetooth peripherals such as printers are not cheap. Losing them regularly translates to a direct financial burden. A tracking solution mitigates this by quickly locating the missing devices, reducing replacement expenses. 

Time Efficiency - Time spent searching for lost wearables can severely impede productivity. A tracking system helps workers locate missing devices quickly, allowing them to refocus on core tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Asset Utilisation and AnalyticalInsights - Real-time tracking offers insights into device usage patterns. This data can drive informed decisions on resource allocation and workflow optimisation, and even shed light on inefficiencies, leading to continuous improvement.

Improved Employee Behaviour - Knowing that devices are tracked, employees are likely to handle them more responsibly. This sense of accountability promotes proper usage and care, minimising loss and damage.

Scalability and Flexibility - Waizu Device Finder can integrate with other management systems and adapt as the business evolves. It works seamlessly alongside mobile device management (MDM) solutions notifying the shift manager or IT person when a device has been inactive for a defined period and might be lost.

Reclaim Productivity

Adopting Waizu Device Finder to track your wearable scanners and handheld computers not only solves the issue of finding missing devices. It also creates a more responsive, efficient, and productive environment that can adapt to the dynamic needs of modern logistics. With Waizu Device Finder, companies can position themselves at the forefront of the industry, realising tangible benefits in cost savings, productivity, and customer satisfaction. In a world where every second counts, the ability to track and manage wearable devices and handheld computers could be the edge that sets your logistics operation apart.

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