According to our recent LinkedIn poll, 27% of supply chain companies misplace more than 10% of their rugged mobile devices each year. This is in line with findings from leading device manufacturers who surveyed their customers and found that, on average 6% to 15% of their company-owned devices go missing each year. This equates to a huge replacement expense for any business, but it’s not just the cost of the replacement device that companies need to factor into the equation. Misplaced mobile devices can present companies with many business challenges, here we explore the top five:  

1. Productivity losses:

Losing a shared handheld terminal or mobile computer can result in productivity losses, as other employees may need to wait for another device to become available or find alternate ways to complete their work. This can lead to decreased productivity until the device can be replaced and runs the risk of missed deadlines or breaches in customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Our customers tell us that missing rugged devices cost them tens of thousands to millions of pounds per year, simply through lost productivity.

2. Operational disruptions:

If a mobile device is lost, it may be difficult to determine who had it last and what work was done on the device. This can lead to operational disruptions and communication breakdowns, as other team members may not have up to date data on the task that was being completed.

3. Financial losses:

Replacing a lost handheld terminal (HHT) or rugged mobile computer is expensive, and many organisations are finding themselves replacing several devices each quarter. This puts a strain on any company’s bottom line. With companies typically losing between 10% to 15% of their mobile device estate every year, is it any wonder the issue has crept up the boardroom agenda? Plus, with global supply chains straining to catch up with backlogged orders as a result of chip shortages and containers stuck in China, there is no guarantee that a device can be swiftly replaced - impacting productivity even further.

4. Security risks:

Missing mobile devices can present a significant security risk to a business, particularly if they contain sensitive data, such as personally identifying customer information or business data. Hackers or other malicious actors may be able to access the device and extract the data, which can result in financial losses or legal penalties due to breaching data protection laws.

5. Inefficient searching:

Finding a misplaced rugged device in a warehouse, supermarket or retail store can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Even more so if the device's battery is dead and it disappears from your network! Trying to track down missing devices costs operative time and manager time, often totalling many hours for each device misplaced.

Proactive rather than reactive device management

With Device Finder from Waizu, devices are set-up to proactively alert you when they are inactive for a set period of time, such as 10 minutes or more. The rugged device sounds an alarm letting you know that it might be missing if it hasn’t been touched or moved for that period of time. This audible alert allows workers to find and retrieve devices that have gone missing in action so they can be returned to their user or redeployed to another worker instantly.   

Devices can also be found via the Waizu Device Finder mobile application which pinpoints where the device was last used. Just walk to that location, call the device you are looking for and find it by sound. Our customers tell us that this helpful feature has enabled them to find missing rugged devices behind boxes, down the back of stocked shelves, in the middle of stacked pallets, on top of palletisers and even in the back of a lorry which was being loaded and about to leave!

Cut the cost and complexity of missing devices

Stop calculating the expense of replacing missing devices and get proactive with Device Finder. Find out how we can help you slash the time spent searching for missing devices and put you back in control of your device estate.

Contact us today or complete our return on investment calculation form to see the financial impact that Device Finder could have on your business.

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