Imagine a world where the handheld computers you rely on for seamless business operations mysteriously vanish into thin air, leaving you grappling with productivity setbacks and mounting costs for replacement devices. That's the reality faced by countless organisations relying on so-called 'smart' cabinets that fall short in solving the challenge of missing devices. But fear not, there's a revolutionary and cost effective solution that addresses all these issues.

In today's fast-paced business environment, managing and tracking handheld mobile computers efficiently can be a daunting task. When devices are in constant use, it becomes a major challenge to accurately determine whether the device is missing or if it’s being used, repaired or has been allocated to the spares pool. Manual processes for issuing and recording handhelds are not only inefficient but hugely expensive for the businesses that rely on them. According to the customers of leading device manufacturers, on average 6% to 15% of their entire handheld mobile computer estate go missing each year.

Typically, when devices go missing, employees, keen to crack on with their work, return to the smart cabinet and select another charged device to carry on with their shift. However, this doesn't solve the problem of locating the missing device.Instead, it perpetuates a cycle where more devices disappear into a black hole, and subsequent shifts find themselves short of essential tools. So, the question arises - are these cabinets really living up to their"smart" name?

Now, with the advent of Waizu's Virtual Smart Cabinet solution, businesses can revolutionise their handheld computer management system, saving time and money.

Automated Device Allocation and Tracking

Does your organisation use a smart cabinet or manually issue devices to users every shift and then record their return at the end of each shift? Does your smart cabinet have the capability to meticulously note the condition of each device when checked out and checked back in?

Virtual Smart Cabinet eliminates these manual processes by automating the issuing and receipt of devices. The system containerises various locations, such as charging cabinets, secure areas, rooms, or specific zones, and facilitates the automated allocation and return of devices within these locations.

Enhanced Accountability and Device Tracking

With Waizu's Virtual Smart Cabinet, users have real accountability for the specific handheld computer they use on any given day. The system maintains accurate and robust records of device assignments, ensuring easy accessibility for inquiries about missing handhelds or usage. By providing each device with a designated "home," the number of missing or lost handhelds is significantly reduced. Virtual Smart Cabinet can determine which user has which handheld computer and even whether the device is idle. If it remains idle for a defined period or is unassigned but not in its designated location, Virtual Smart Cabinet can trigger an alarm, alerting nearby employees to return the handheld to its home or use it by logging back in.

Efficient Login Process and Downtime Reduction

Virtual Smart Cabinet addresses the issue of downtime caused by delays in issuing and returning handhelds by automating the login process. Devices are booked out from their 'home' location, and the system tracks their return, whether it's back to their designated location or another charging point. This ensures absolute control over handheld computer allocation and enables accurate monitoring of usage.

Integration of Workflows

Virtual Smart Cabinet integrates multiple workflows seamlessly. Unlike traditional smart lockers that don't track device location when outside the locker, Virtual Smart Cabinet addresses the challenges of allocating, tracking, and finding lost devices. By encompassing these three critical aspects, the system provides a comprehensive and effective solution.

Complete Solution for Day to Day Management

Virtual Smart Cabinet offers a range of advanced features to streamline device management. One of these features is the ability to track usage across different locations, including distribution centres, warehouses, and retail stores. This ensures that businesses have a clear overview of where each handheld computer is being utilised. Furthermore, the system incorporates a user-friendly traffic light screen system, providing intuitive device health monitoring. The traffic light indicators give immediate visual feedback on the operational status of each handheld, allowing for quick identification of any issues.

Additionally, the Virtual Smart Cabinet enables proactive identification of dropped devices. This feature facilitates timely inspections and necessary maintenance at the end of shifts, ensuring that handheld computers are always in optimal working condition.

A Truly Smart Cabinet

Organisations can wave goodbye to the days of laboriously allocating and tracking handheld computers manually. With Waizu's Virtual Smart Cabinet, organisations can now tackle the entire device management process, including issuing and receiving handhelds, user accountability, tracking, and analytics. Virtual Smart Cabinet offers a workable solution that surpasses the limitations of conventional smart cabinets, ensuring handhelds are not only allocated but also tracked and located when needed.

By automating processes, enhancing accountability, and providing real-time tracking, businesses can streamline their handheld computer management system, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Ramp Up Your Productivity

Are you ready to embrace the power of Virtual Smart Cabinet? Demo the solution for yourself and see how it can revolutionise your device management practices, create greater efficiencies in your work environment, and ramp up your productivity!

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