Since its launch in 2020, Waizu, the UK’s leading mobile device analytics platform, has been committed to helping Retail and Supply Chain businesses improve their productivity and maximise efficiency through better mobile device management. Now, the innovative and rapidly growing company is taking that further with the launch of its new Virtual Cabinet dashboard.

In this fast-paced digital world, mobile devices are essential to the smooth operation of any business, especially within the Retail and Supply Chain sectors. However, manually issuing shared devices, tracking device status, and ensuring all devices get returned at the end of a shift can be an incredibly time-consuming task.

Understanding the importance of effective management of mobile devices, Waizu is the forward-thinking software company committed to helping businesses transform their operations, and their Virtual Cabinet is the latest feature to join their ground-breaking platform.

The new feature will allow operations teams to see user insights in real-time, ensuring they can easily see who has which device, how it is being used, and whether it has been returned at the end of the day. If not returned, its location will be shown on the Device Finder tool, while any devices missing can be immediately located and those devices that are returned will be automatically logged out.

Alongside helping to improve the efficiency of the Retail and Supply Chain sectors, the new features will also allow businesses to save money and reduce the need for a physical cabinet, which can be incredibly expensive and is easily fooled by users.

Speaking on the launch Adrian Lawson CEO at Waizu added, “In this fast-moving world, remaining slick and efficient is essential in helping businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.

At Waizu, we are committed to helping reduce errors and delays in the Retail and Supply Chain, and this new feature allows us to take that further by giving a complete overview of all mobile devices in real time.”

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