Waizu Announces Partnership with CMC Technology Group


Waizu, a provider of solutions to reduce lost and missing mobile devices including the industry leading‘device finder’ application, has announced a partnership with CMC, a leading provider of unified communications spanning landline, mobile and internet technology.


CMC will be providing solutions utilising the entire Waizu Software Suite, including the ‘Device Finder’ Application, the Virtual Smart Cabinet and the Waizu Analytics Platform.


Simon Wright, Managing Director at CMC comments, “Mobile technology sits at the centre of what we do, so the Waizu platform provides an ideal fit for us as we further develop our mobile device services. Our customers are telling us that they lose between 8% and 13% of their mobile devices per annum, this tool can dramatically reduce this %, adding thousands of pounds back to the operational bottom line. Additionally, as Waizu removes the need for any kind of manual issue-out/receipt-in of devices or hard copy recording, the daily productivity gains are extremely compelling. Amazingly the ROI on this solution is typically just 18-22 weeks, with that kind of impact we expect the joint Waizu-CMC solution to become mission critical to our customers really quickly. We’re really looking forward to working with the Waizu team”.


Adrian Lawson, Managing Director at Waizu concludes, “We have been looking for a unified comms partner in our sales channel for some time, so we are delighted to welcome CMC on board. Outside of the compelling benefits that our Device Finder and Virtual Smart Cabinet products bring to customers, we are particularly keen to work with CMC in maximising use of our Waizu Device Insights platform. CMCs expertise in generic mobile device management will be invaluable to their customers as they feedback proactive device management insights around battery use and condition, in-field/shop floor device treatment and application usage. Having recently closed our first deal with CMC it’s obvious to us that we have an excellent addition to our partner network and we are excited about working on many more opportunities to save CMC customers money whilst increasing their productivity.”

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