Release 4.1 provides regional hosting support for in-country deployments, increases to the platform speed and support for the latest release of Android.

Multi-Region Support

We are launching the ability for geographic deployments of the Waizu platform. This enables enhancements such as improved latency and regional hosting to comply with data residency laws. Operators can choose to set Waizu Accounts In regions including North America, Europe or your country of choice.

Android 14 Support

Waizu’s platform consistently monitors the latest technical updates. In anticipation for leading vendors such as Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic launching products with Android 14 we are pleased to announce that Waizu will support this latest operating system

Platform Speed Increases

4.1 improves the overall user experience with the Virtual Cabinet workflows. As a result the Waizu platform now provides even more reliable information and increased performance speed.