Release 3.5 of Waizu software offers stronger bluetooth beacon support, with indoor locationing, and role-based apps that allow users to access only a specific selection of apps relevant to their role.

The implementation of a bluetooth beacon will enable greater indoor locationing.

There is greater support for role-based apps. This means the software now has the ability to show different apps depending on user login, offering customers greater flexibility and efficiency when deploying the software.

Version 3.5 also offers landscape support for wearable devices, increasing usability.

The cabinet dashboard app now offers increased multi-site privacy and security.

There is improved handling of offline situations which enables a seamless service in the event of network disruption.

New customizable login options give the ability to hide options that are not relevant, such as camera login, offering users a frictionless experience.

Finally, Version 3.5 also offers support for the latest version of Android (13).