We have seen huge developments in mobile technology as these mini super computers take on more and more. However, the role of device management remains rather static.

Take any of the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and the basic features remain central – device policy, enrolment, remote troubleshooting, and device lock down.
These features have been around for decades.

Is it time for a giant leap in the role of MDM?

Looking at the big trends in IT we all read so much about Artificial Intelligence /AI, Autonomous Mobile Robots /AMR, Mobile Apps, Smart Technology, and Virtual Reality. When will this start to show up in the traditional MDM space?

There are plenty of business drivers.

A device that knows when it is going to fail – improving worker productivity.
VR guided troubleshooting – experts on hand 24/7 right in front of you.
Self-diagnostic device repair – why call someone, get the device to selfheal.
Predictive warnings – management without the manager.
Devices not as we know it – wearable glasses, ear piece, Neuro brain waves!

All this will change the future of MDM and it might not be that far away.
It is exciting to see who will disrupt, push out the old legacy players and step into the new ways of working. Watch this space.

If you want to learn more about the new world MDM then contact the Waizu team and see what is possible today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow!