Waizu helps Chemicals manufacturer as they upscale their business operations and device estate

"The best benefit of Waizu is I don't have to worry about where the scanners are in my building because Waizu tells me if there's a problem. I know that Waizu is working in the background to make sure that the scanners are where they need to be."
- Steven Soar, Systems Manager, Trade Chemicals

Trade Chem offer premium-quality chemical products paired with swift delivery services. They provide professional products ready for immediate order via phone or online, offering 48 hour national deliveries as standard. 

Trade Chem's Growth

Trade Chem are now selling and dispatching four, five or even six times more orders than just three or four years ago, so they needed to find a way to optimise their operations and find valuable time-savings. They found the use of scanners reduced their order error rate by 90%. They found that using Waizu with their new scanners brought peace of mind about the locations of the scanners are on site, and are confident that Waizu will alert them if there's a problem. Using Waizu's software, which they can access via desktop or tablet, they can view the situation with any scanner at any time, including who is logged in, and which access point is closest. This means Trade Chem now know where exactly where every single scanner is at all times.

Benefits of Waizu Solution

"It's a big investment for us with these scanners, but Waizu has made it so that we don't have to worry too much about the location of our large investment. When our staff are logging into the devices, they grab a device. They don't have to grab a signed  device to themselves as long as it's from their area. They log in with the PIN code that they've got. At that point, we know exactly who has got each device."

- Steven Soar, Systems Manager, Trade Chem.

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