SEKO are experts in all things logistics, with a primary focus on ecommerce and specialist delivery solutions - ensuring customer service excellence, time after time. SEKO have multiple sites located in the south east and north west of England and Scotland.

SEKO were facing a number of challenges with their existing estate of devices. Together with their technology managed service provider, CMC IT, a Zebra TC was chosen as the replacement standard device, along with Waizu’s software solution to manage device control.

The primary challenge for SEKO was users misplacing devices within the building, causes for which ranged from accidentally leaving devices on pallets or shelving, to putting their favourite device in their locker overnight to use again on the next shift.

Secondly SEKO wanted a smarter method for how they stored devices across different areas of the warehouses to enhance productivity.

The third challenge was a significant number of damaged devices due to user mishandling.

Investing in the Waizu solution, SEKO now have user accountability and an automated device issuing process. This significantly reduced device damage as well as prevented devices from going missing.

User Accountability

SEKO now start every shift with a full estate of devices digitally tracked to each user. This results in significantly increased uptime.

Indoor Location Tracking

Being able to track devices down to specific areas of the warehouse and using the device finder feature prevented them from becoming misplaced.

Reduced Damage & Loss Prevention

Before Waizu 19% of devices were written off due to damage or loss. This reduced to 7% of device after the implementation of Waizu. SEKO also saw a 99% reduction in overall tickets being raised for scanners.

Rapid Payback

The payback on the implementation of the Waizu solution only took 9 weeks and resulted in a 700% Return On Investment. ‍

“Waizu is a great tool for an operations team to stay on top of shared devices in a distribution center. We have saved money in reducing lost and missing devices as well as reduce daily damages.”
Logistics Team Lead, SEKO UK

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