Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular within business environments. When using mobile devices for work purposes, as convenient as it may be, this can pose a huge security risk to businesses –devices could be issued with no password policy or employees could have full access to the device with no restrictions on downloading potentially harmful apps.

This is where having an MDM solution is critical to not only keeping company data safe but also providing IT teams with a more efficient, way of managing devices.


What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software used by businesses to help manage the setup and security of their mobile technology such as smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops. In recent years MDM has extended to many more connected devices as it expands to the broader IOT space.


Why should my business have an MDM solution?

1. Security - By default, mobile devices do not come with policies in place to keep your devices secure. Whether that is helping to ensure devices stay on up-to-date software versions that provide them security features, enforcing passcodes, or enabling a device to be locked/wiped remotely in the event of it being lost or stolen. These issues and many more could result in the exposure of corporate data. MDM tools tackle this by enabling you to enforce complex passcodes on devices, keep their OS versions up to date, and most importantly in the event of a device being misplaced, it can be remotely wiped. The cost of replacing a device is negligible in comparison to the cost of losing sensitive data.


2. Speed up enrolment - MDM is used to significantly speed up the enrolment of devices. Instead of setting each device up individually, you can create one profile and deploy this centrally to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices over the air.


3. Save money - Should any user forget their pin code and lock their expensive device; MDM can be used to remotely reset the device and enable it to be used again.


4. Troubleshoot/Fix problems immediately - When devices in the field or in a mission-critical environment experience technical issues the operational downtime caused by that can be very expensive for a business. Troubleshooting these problems remotely can lead to vast improvements in the resolution time of issues.


5. Seamless App Distribution and Management – Choose which apps you would like users to have access to, push business apps with ease onto all devices, or restrict apps that are not needed on users devices.


Why Waizu?

Our team have been deploying MDM to some of the world’s largest organisations for the last 25 years. We have seen firsthand the requirements for a successful deployment.

Being agnostic means we can deploy the best of breed MDM matching the strengths of the MDM to the requirements of your business.

Speak to our team of MDM experts today to assess your requirements and deploy the best MDM to meet them

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