Frequently Asked Questions

Can other systems connect to Waizu?

Yes! The team at Waizu will work with you to configure the Platform to fit any of your existing systems. We will connect your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution into the platform and implement our service process to work with your existing process. This ensures that tickets logged in the platform end up in the correct place for your Technical Support team to action while making that process much slicker and easier. We can also work with you to add bespoke integrations to other day to day tools you may use within your business through the several “portal” areas of the Waizu product.

Can multiple users log in to Waizu?

Yes! Waizu provides tools and data that are beneficial across various stakeholders within your business. As a result Waizu has a dedicated admin section where you can configure new users within your instance. You can create users with various levels of access within the “Role” section of the platform. For example you could create a “Role” which has read only access to the platform, providing the necessary analytical insights without the capability to delete or create anything unnecessarily.

How secure is the data on Waizu?

We take security very seriously at Waizu, We have therefore built the platform with various features that protect your organisation and its data.

Access to the Waizu platform is password protected. Passwords are autogenerated by our system to ensure they are secure, with the ability to enable 2-Factor Authentication on any level of account.

In the Platform itself, we have built a structure which segregates data in a variety of ways. Each customer has a separate system where data is containerised from other customer data to prevent having your information exposed.

We have an inactivity countdown on the platform, This means that if a user is logged in and leaves the Waizu platform open while performing other tasks the site will automatically logout after a set time has passed.

What is needed to run Waizu?

Waizu requires an Android agent and a web interface. The Android agent supports Android 7 and above and can be downloaded from Google Play or pushed out via MDM. The web interface runs on a wide range of devices. We recommend to use an up-to-date operating system and browser on a Desktop PC or Laptop. The Waizu Platform works best on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, however other browsers are supported. A high speed internet connection is recommended to access Waizu to ensure you have the best experience with the product.