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WAIZU can work alongside any popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as SOTI, Intune, VMWare, 42 Gears etc. However, sometimes our customers come to us to supply this as they don’t already have an MDM in place or wish to look at an alternative solution that is lower cost, easier to use and a better fit for their business.

We normally recommend Scalefusion which we believe to be the best pound-for-pound MDM solution on the market. Here are the reasons why.

Cross-platform Solution.

In modern enterprises that employ a mix of knowledge workers and frontline workforce, there is considerable diversity in the kind of devices preferred by employees or required for the desired business operations. Understanding the need for facilitating this device diversity, Scalefusion MDM supports multiple OS and device types. With Scalefusion, IT admins can manage Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices. Scalefusion extends support for corporate-owned as well as BYO devices.

Faster time to market.

For enterprises deploying multiple devices, it is crucial to quickly provision and enroll devices in bulk, to ensure that the IT teams are not burdened in individually equipping the device with corporate policies & apps.

For faster, over the air deployment, Scalefusion offers support for:

  • Android Zero-touch for Android devices
  • Apple DEP for iOS and macOS devices
  • Samsung KME for Samsung Knox devices
  • Windows Autopilot for Windows 10 devices

Application and Content Management.

Scalefusion MDM offers expansive content & app management where the IT admins can curate the content made available on the managed device fleet. IT admins can publish, delete, re-assign public as well as private apps, push business content files on devices & remotely update them. IT teams can also allow/block certain websites, exert profanity & parental control on content accessed on managed devices.

Using Scalefusion, IT teams can publish:

  • Play for Work apps on AfW devices
  • Apps on iOS and macOS devices using Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • Private apps on Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices.

Remote trouble Shooting.

To reduce device downtime on managed devices, IT admins can make use of the Remote Cast & Control feature of Scalefusion. IT teams can mirror the device screen, connect to the end-user over VoIP call to quickly resolve issues, or sync files. To support ITSM, IT teams can take screenshots or screen recordings & create context-aware support tickets. On select devices, IT admins can also take control of the device screens to resolve the issues over the air.

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