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Our tools help you anticipate, identify and fix problems like diminishing battery life and dropped devices. So, you can pull a unit from service before it needs to be fixed. It can also show location info and patterns of downtime, so you can work smarter. And we’re right here in the UK—including our help desk.

Waizu gives you data on all this—and more—to help you make wise choices for your business

In a fast-moving world, we help you get ahead, and stay there.

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01. Save money by replacing fewer lost devices

'Around 8 to 18% of devices are lost each year.'
Zebra Technologies

Having tools to give visibility of devices and see where they are, when they are used and how they are connecting all prevents devices from being lost.

Waizu can alert you on missing devices and help track them down.

The utilisation charts ensure you have the right number of devices in the right locations instead of buying many more than you actually need.

02. Improve productivity by reducing operational disruptions

'the cost of downtime for a supply chain business can be as high as £300 for every minute.'

Having tools to minimise mobile devices from causing this downtime gives a huge return on investment.

Waizu gives you the patterns and predictions you need to help eliminate problems such as:

  • Device batteries not lasting a full shift
  • Devices not charging correctly and so at the start of a shift they are not fully charged
  • Memory and CPU strain resulting in slow devices
  • Damage of device by being excessively dropped on the floor
  • Connection to network with poor performing WiFi

Also - never run out of barcode labels! - Waizu integrates with Zebra Visibility IQ so all this data is pulled into your Waizu platform. It means you can make wise decisions to address your Zebra printers and zebra barcode scanners.

03. Reduce stress with better asset management

'20% of mobile devices in our supply chain business couldn’t be found.'
DHL survey

Devices may be enrolled into an MDM and on an OEM service / repair agreement, but that doesn’t mean you know you have these live, in use and where they are,

Waizu gives you a live and dynamic asset register. Your list of mobile devices shows the exact site they are in right now – if they move to other sites, stores or locations the list updates automatically.

If devices go in for repair or are part of the spares / buffer stock the system automatically moves those devices to that profile.

You can see immediately how many devices are active at any one time.

If (for example) you bought 100 mobile devices and 40 are being used at peak times across the day you can make better decisions around utilisation and perhaps move devices to other parts of the business.

04. Make wise decisions

Waizu helps across the full life cycle of your mobile technology investment. From providing in-depth device evaluation measurements, better in-life visibility and control, to knowing when the right time is to upgrade – all based on data and in operation facts.

Take out the guesswork and take back control – save money, improve worker productivity and take the stress out of mobile technology asset management,

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Platform Features


Operations and Service Delivery teams needs tools to help monitor, predict and prevent mobile device issues that would otherwise cause productivity issues.

The IT team usually have access to Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, but this doesn’t address the in-life challenges the operations team face.

Where are my devices? Are they fully charged? How many are in the repair loop? How well are they connecting to the network? Do we have enough for peak season?

Waizu Insights help with all this and more.

Device Management

The Waizu team are experts in Mobile Device Management software. We have rolled out MDM licenses to over 100,000 users globally.

Our expertise lets us recommend the best MDM solution for your business or connect your existing MDM into the Waizu platform. This means you only need one destination to access Waizu insights and your MDM console.

Use MDM to set the profile of your device, enrol that profile to any device quickly by a simple enrolment method (such as scanning a QR code), lock a device down to access only the selected apps. MDM can also enforce device and security policy.

Service Management

As robust as many mobile devices are these days, they are subject to knocks, drops and issues that mean they need to go back to a repair centre.

Waizu make this process incredibly easy. Repair tickets can be created in Waizu in a matter of seconds, the customisable workflows send these tickets to exactly where they need to go – that could be the device manufacture, your service provider and your internal IT system.

Waizu Service provides all the detail you need directly within the platform. Access common faults, ticket data and reporting at a touch of a button.

Content Management

Many business purpose devices don’t have access to the common communication applications like email and WhatsApp.

Use Waizu Communicator to broadcast content, messages and other information to individual devices, groups of devices or full estates of devices simply and effectively.

Users get access to a content inbox as well as a device notification.


Waizu can be configured to work for your business. Should you need to connect to specific IT Service Management systems, please let us know.

Waizu is also a Validated Zebra software solution that works across all your Zebra mobile devices and printers.

Zebra Visibility IQ™ is integrated into Waizu if you need this deeper device integration. Contact us to find out more.

Zebra VisibilityIQ™ Foresight is the industry’s next evolution in intelligent data-driven analytics solutions to streamline business operations. Powered by Zebra Savanna™, Zebra’s breakthrough data intelligence platform, VisibilityIQ™ Foresight provides a convenient, one-view solution driven by comprehensive data collection and analytics. Replacing reactive with proactive management, VisibilityIQ Foresight helps you optimise device availability, maximise asset utilisation, and increase operational productivity and ROI.

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What our customers say

“Our customers rely on mobile devices and so giving them insights and predictions helps them maximise productivity. We also stand out and win more business as a result."

Managing Director
PLM Global

“Our investment in mobile technology was significant. We needed better tools to help reduce missing devices and ultimately save money. We also had challenges in the amount of mobile data that was being used and it was difficult to know what applications were driving this.”

Operations Manager
Rico Logistics

“We knew we needed better mobile technology visibility so we could reduce device abuse and put better controls in place – the Waizu platform gave us immediate benefits”

Infrastructure Manager
Circle Express
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