Getting a return on your investment is always top of mind when investing in new solutions.

Managing your mobile technology within your business is not just a feature of having an MDM solution (Mobile Device Management). Speak to many warehouse managers and it quickly becomes apparent MDMs don’t solve a lot of operational problems.

Tracking who has which device, how it is used, and if it gets returned at the end of a shift are top of mind for warehouse managers, shift managers, or the operations team leaders.
These essential requirements are so important as devices go missing, users hide their favourite devices, and time is spent trying to log who has which device. All of this impacts the bottom line and, in many cases, significantly.

If devices are going missing in your business, if time is spent issuing devices, then a way to quickly address this can give a payback in a matter of weeks.

According to leading device manufacturers, typical shared device customers see on average 10% to 15% of their estate getting lost or going missing each year. Add this to the lost productivity in either issuing devices or time spent tracking them down and you quickly start to build a compelling ROI. If you have shared mobile devices in your business from manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, or Datalogic, then speak to the Waizu team to see if you can beat our 10-week return benchmark.

Take 5 minutes to answer these questions and we can create a bespoke ROI calculation for your business